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October 2016 BevNet Interviews ACG Co-Founder
May 2016

ACG Invests in Cookie Chips

July 2015 ACG Teams With Union Square Hospitality Group to Jointly Invest in Tender Greens
July 2015 ACG Invests in Tata Harper Skincare
June 2015 ACG Invests in Way Better Snacks
May 2015 GrowthCap Interviews ACG Co-Founder
August 2014 ACG Invests in PDQ Restaurants
March 2014 ACG Invests in barkTHINS
January 2014 ACG Invests in Suja Juice
April 2013 Business Week Profiles ACG Investment in Kriser’s Pets
April 2013 ACG Founders To Speak at BevNET Live
February 2013 ACG Invests in Shake Shack
January 2013 Reuters PE Hub: ACG Invests in KRAVE Jerky
July 2012 Restaurant Finance Monitor: Early Stage Investors Supply Capital And Advice
July 2012 In Memoriam – Marvin Traub, 1925-2012
January 2012 Business Week: ACG Invests in EVOL Foods
September 2011 Wall Street Journal Highlights Recent ACG Investments
September 2011 ACG Announces Fund Launch
September 2011 Wall Street Journal LBO Wire: ACG Closes Debut Fund, Makes Two Investments
September 2011 Bloomberg: ACG Raises Fund for Emerging Companies






January 2016

ACG Partners Tender Greens and Danny Meyer among Most Influential Restaurant Industry Leaders

July 2015 Fast Company: How Shake Shack Leads The Better Burger Revolution
July 2015 Forbes Profiles The Honest Kitchen
January 2015 Forbes: Suja Juice and KRAVE Jerky are two of "America's Most Promising Companies"
October 2014 The Baby-Safe Business Is Booming
October 2014 Huffington Post: Jerky Is America's "Hottest Snack Food"
August 2014 KRAVE Jerky Named to Inc. 500 List
July 2014 Shake Shack Named one of America's "25 Most Innovative Consumer and Retail Brands"
July 2014 PDQ Named Fastest-Growing Emerging Restaurant Chain in America
June 2014 Kriser's Named America's "Pet Retailer of the Year"
June 2014 Why 1,500 People Waited in a 7-hour Line For a Hamburger
May 2014 Wall Street Journal Profiles The Honest Kitchen
May 2014 Shake Shack Receives Presidential 'Seal of Approval'
April 2014 Suja Juice Named "Supplier of the Year" by Whole Foods
April 2014 Babyganics' Founding Fathers Launch New Book
March 2014 New York Times Profiles The Honest Kitchen
January 2014 Forbes Names Suja America's #3 Most Promising Company
January 2014 Kriser's Pets Featured As Rising Star Among 25 Largest Pet Retailers
November 2013 Lessons From a Sonoma Vineyard Inspire KRAVE Jerky Craze
October 2013 Sydney Morning Herald: Shake Shack One Of "World's Top 20 Foodie Experiences"
October 2013 BabyGanics Among Crain's "50 Fastest Growing Companies" in New York
October 2013 Shake Shack's JFK Location Named "World's Best Airport Quick Service Restaurant"
August 2013 EVOL Foods, Kriser's Pets and The Honest Kitchen All Named to Inc. 5000 List
August 2013 CNBC: 'Shaking' Up The Restaurant Business
August 2013 KRAVE, Suja and EVOL Included Among Forbes "25 Most Innovative Consumer Brands"
July 2013 CBS News Profiles Shake Shack
June 2013 Shake Shack Named "Best Burger in America"
June 2013 Fox Business Profiles EVOL Foods
May 2013 Campbell Soup Co. Acquires Plum Organics
May 2013 Shake Shack Chosen As America's "Most Loved Small Fast Casual Brand"
May 2013 EVOL and KRAVE Named "Favorite Healthy Snacks"
May 2013 The Honest Kitchen Wins 'NEXTY' Award as "Next Big Thing" in Natural Products
April 2013 Kriser’s Named America’s Best Overall Pet Retailer
March 2013 Bloomberg TV: Garutti, Meyer on Shake Shack's Growth Strategy
February 2013 Bon Appétit: Shake Shack one of "The 20 Most Important Restaurants in America"
February 2013 Business Week: Shake Shack named #11 "Best Restaurant in America"
February 2013 NY Times: KRAVE Jerky Seeks To Upgrade a Snack's Image
December 2012 The Today Show Features KRAVE Jerky as a "Top Food Gift"
November 2012 CBS News Profiles The Honest Kitchen
November 2012 Men's Health Magazine Awards EVOL "Best Burrito" and "Best Pizzas"
September 2012 Wall Street Journal Features KRAVE Jerky
August 2012 BabyGanics Named to Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest Growing Companies
August 2012 EVOL Foods Named to Inc. 5000 List of America's Fastest Growing Companies
August 2012 Outside Magazine again ranks The Honest Kitchen among America's "Best Places to Work"
July 2012 Shakira raves about BabyGanics in Allure Magazine
April 2012 BabyGanics wins Cribsie Award as Safest Sunblock for Precious Skin
March 2012 Business Week features The Honest Kitchen’s all-natural, human-grade dog food
March 2012 EVOL recommended by Hungry Girl on The Today Show
February 2012 EVOL featured on the "99 Foods Dr. Oz Wants in Your Shopping Cart"
January 2012 EVOL Foods: Oprah Approved
January 2012 The Honest Kitchen profiled in Fast Company Magazine
December 2011 EVOL Foods Founder Phil Anson profiled in Colorado's 5280 Magazine
November 2011 Men's Health Magazine Awards EVOL “Best Burrito” and “Best Chicken Entrée”
September 2011 Bon Appétit Magazine Recommends EVOL Flatbreads as A Healthier Alternative
August 2011 Outside Magazine Names The Honest Kitchen one of America’s Best Places to Work
August 2011 Nest Collective Named to Inc 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies
July 2011 BabyGanics sunscreen rated by The Environmental Working Group as one of the best products on the market
July 2011 The Honest Kitchen Highlighted in Los Angeles Times
July 2011 Nest Collective Named one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs



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